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China veneer peeling line

China geelong machinery now mainly promote full automatic veneer peeling line, 

our veneer peeling line is applicable for birch log, poplar log, eucalyptus log, pipe log,

our veneer peeling line is consisted of wood log loader, wood log debarker machine,

wood log saw cutting machine, new type wood log loader, spindleless peeling machine,

veneer stacking machine, if you need this automatic wood log peeling line, welcome to 

contact with geelong sales team.

The spindleless veneer peeling machine is used to peel the core veneer for the plywood making. it is used after the wood log debaker machine.the core veneer thickness is 0.5-3.0mm.It is suitable different wood type and different wood size.its veneer peeling speed has 35m/min,55m/min and 35-90m/min the high speed one.The veneer peeling machine modle size has 4ft,8ft and 10ft.Other size can be customized.

1,Suitable wood log diameter less than 600mm

2,Mainly peeling core veneer thickness 0.8-3.0mm

3,DELTA PCL,CHNT electricity components

4,Operation simply ,no need professionl operator.

5,The ordary machine model size is 4ft,8ft and 10ft.other size need ot be customized.

China veneer peeling line

China veneer peeling line

China veneer peeling line

China veneer peeling line

China veneer peeling line