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Air piston glue spreader machine

Glue spreader is used for spreading glue uniformly on veneers. Uniform gluing with the exact figure of adhesives improves the quality of plywood and saves a huge amount of expense in the long run. We have two type glue spreader machine, one is C type, one is Z type, China inner market, and vietnam market, buyers more like Z type, but like Indonesia client, India client, they are more liking C type. Our pneumatic glue spreader machine, to adjust the openning of the glue roller and steel roller, the speed more quick, and our machine is equipped with Delta inverter and emergency stop buttons, if any sudden things happened, the worker can stop the machine immediately, if you are interested in our glue spreader, welcome to inquiry geelong sales team.

2700mm(9ft) glue spreader machine specification:

This specification is based on double side coating machine. 

machine model type:GLGS-2700D

Roller quantity:4pcs

Working speed:adjustable

Diameter of glue coating roller: 415mm

Length of glue coating roller: 2700mm

Diameter of glue squeeze roller: 270mm

Length of glue squeeze roller: 2700mm

Power of motor: 7.5kw

Max. Veneer thickness: 30mm

Max. Veneer width: 2700mm

Overall size: 4200x1250x1400mm

Machine's weight: 4000KGS

Air piston glue spreader machine

Air piston glue spreader machineAir piston glue spreader machineAir piston glue spreader machine