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Core veneer composer machine

Geelong brand core veneer builder machine, is used to compose the small width veneers into 4x8feet, 5x5feet...etc.

Geelong machinery has exported many core veneers composer machine to different countries, like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Russia,

Welcome more and more famous plywood factories owner could entrusted geelong brand plywood machine, our company must do good efforts to 

supply more and more high quality machines to our clients.

Core veneer composer machine advantages as below:

1, PLC control .one operator,automatic running,labor saving

2, Precise thickness checking,minimum polishing

3, Servo drive,effective overlap and joint control

4, High strengthened thread,improve product lengthways tensile force and flexibility,no break

5, Supported by German Festo,Taiwan Delta,German Siemense,Japansese Mitsubishi and other international top brands.

Core veneer builder machine Specifciasstion:(4feet size)



Structure:sion speed:0-35m/minute adjust

Working efficiency:300pcs/h

splicing machine length(mm):3600mm

splicing machine height(mm):2500mm

Splicing machine width(mm):2600mm

Collecting machine length(mm):4000mm

Collecting machine height (mm):2500mm

Collecting machine width (mm):2200mm

PLC computer module:TDATDA PLC(Tai wan)

Total weight:5500kg

Total power:15.5kw

Front driver:INVT servo motor 3kw(China)

Rear driver:INVT servo motor 3kw(China)

Edge cutter driver:Motor+CHAIN TAILclutch(Tai wan)

Front drive reducer:Star type reducer8/1ZD(CHINA)

Rear drive reducer:Star type reducer8/1ZD(CHINA)

Rotary actuator:FESTO(Germany)

Automatic core veneer corrector:yes

Water cooling air condition:yes

Electric lateral platform:yes

4*4-4*8 electric conversion:yes

Machine color:yes

3*6-4*8 adjust:yes


Automatic oiler:yes

Speed control:yes

Finished panel Counter:yes

Core veneer composer machine

Core veneer composer machine

Core veneer composer machine